Helping you and your family grow through life’s tough moments.

Together Family Wellness is here to provide real parenting support for families. Some of the desired outcomes we assist with include:


Bringing your family closer with meaningful change


Transforming your family to a solution and strength based one


Helping your children learning new ways to communicate

Note: To best serve your family during the COVID-19 pandemic, Together Family Wellness is maintaining our in-office services with the appropriate precautions, in addition to offering online video therapy sessions.

Even when you’re doing your best as a parent, sometimes the struggle is real.

After all, parenting doesn’t come with a how-to manual. Even in the best of circumstances, children can experience social struggles, emotional outbursts, and developmental delays as the result of many different kinds of events and traumas.

Parenting and family education can make managing life’s uncertainties, through COVID-19 and beyond, more bearable. And even simple changes can make a world of difference in family systems and functions.

You’ve come to the right place.

Meet Elena Locker-Torres

Elena is a social worker who is helping children and families through the uncertainties of COVID-19 and beyond in New York. She is a life-long New Yorker who has served multicultural populations both at home and abroad for over 11 years, first as an educator and now as a social worker and parenting coach, and speaks fluent Spanish and Arabic. Elena uses a strength-based, holistic approach to help individuals and families improve communication, strengthen resilience, and foster positive change.

Transitions & Crisis

Periods of uncertainty and crisis can impact everyone in your family. Let me help you navigate this difficult time by creating a plan to address the effects of hardship on your family.

Developmental Support

All children develop differently. I can provide you with holistic, research-based strategies and activities to support your child’s physcial, emotional, and social development.

Behavioral Issues

Children may express stress, anxiety, or other overwhelming emotions in a variety of ways. I can guide you through effective, child-centered ways to get to the root of problematic behavior.

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